PureFlow™ is an EKG driven passive cardio exercise technology to help the body heal, recover and rejuvenate. It optimizes your health using a low-impact, passive cardiovascular approach.

  • Welness
  • Detox
  • Performance





PureFlow™ uses the principles of counter-pulsation technology, which can help improve circulation, increase oxygenation, and promote detoxification by optimizing blood flow in sync with the rhythm of heart. The increased blood flow from PureFlow’s™ pumping action drives oxygen and nutrients into cells more effectively than the heart alone can.

This revolutionary process promotes detoxification by facilitating the movement of fluid throughout the body, increasing energy levels and mental clarity, decreasing swelling and water retention, while revitalizing and oxygenating the tissues.

Control Maximum Inflation and Minimum Deflation

Control Maximum Inflation and Minimum Deflation

Control Deflation Welness

The only device that allows you to control each individual segment of the treatment. Three-Chamber Compression Control System for separate control of Calf, Thigh and Buttocks. The combined maximum tank pressure of 21 PSI allows for precise pressures throughout your entire treatment.

Control your experience with the remote control

Control your experience with the remote control

Adjust pressure to maximum comfort with the Pure Flow remote control. Allows for easy control over the system with a lightweight remote control. No cumbersome consoles.

Customized cuffs available in fine linen, cashmere and suede

Customized cuffs available in fine linen, cashmere and suede

We are dedicated to use only high-quality products that combine luxury and intricate craftsmanship.


Backed by medical studies, the proven benefits of using PureFlow™ include:

  • Wellness


    Reduces stress

    Decreases anxiety and depression

    Facilitates recovery post-exercise

  • Detoxification


    Boosts the production of anti-oxidants

    Flushes metabolic waste

  • Performance


    Improves stamina

    Increases physical endurance and exercise tolerance

    Decreases muscle soreness

    Decreases the intensity and onset of ITB syndrome/runner’s syndrome

  • Weight Loss


    Increases lymphatic flow

    Increases metabolism

  • Anti-Aging


    Improves complexion

    Lessens inflammation

  • Mobility


    Increases flexibility

    Relaxes your muscles

    Increases energy and endurance

    Lessens stiffness


What Others Say

  • The most amazing machine I have ever tried. You can feel the blood flow into your fingers, and afterward it looks like I had a French manicure. I did a two-hour gym workout out, I tried Pure Flow, and my muscle aches were gone. I was able to swim for one hour afterward without feeling fatigued. I was diagnosed with chronic sleep deprivation and I could not sleep for more than two and a half hours. After one session of Pure Flow I was able to sleep seven and a half hours; the last time I slept seven and a half hours was twenty years ago.

    Pilar, age 45, banker (after five 45-minute sessions)

  • After the Pure Flow I feel absolutely great. My range of motion has increased, my energy levels have gone up, I am not retaining as much water in my body, and my eyesight has improved tremendously. I just feel absolutely great. Pure Flow is the most amazing thing that has ever happened.”

    Neera, age 65, retired (after six 45-minute sessions)

  • By the third session I noticed that, for the first time in twenty years, I was able to enjoy a full night’s sleep without interruption.

    Celeste, age 45, restaurant and nightclub consultant (after ten 45-minute sessions)

Client's Frequently Asked Questions

  • We recommend eating lightly prior to your Pure Flow treatment; your cardiovascular system is getting a full workout so you may experience slight discomfort on a full stomach
  • Avoid caffeine at least 3 hours before your session to maintain a regular heart rate
  • Wear comfortable full length, tight fitting pants (leggings) and a comfortable top
  • We suggest using the bathroom before the treatment; it’s a 45 minute treatment that flushes 30% more through your kidneys and liver
During Your Session
  • You can read, listen to music, meditate.. but most people fall asleep!
  • Try to relax the more, you relax the more efficient the treatment.
  • You may resume all regular activity
  • Drink plenty of water to help flush out the system and to continue the detox properties
  • Aim to get plenty of sleep tonight to allow your body to rest and absorb the full benefits
  • Your calves may be a little sore afterwards, but this passes very quickly
  • You may feel slightly light headed at first, which is from increased oxygen levels in your body
  • You may be VERY energized and feel mentally clear and focused!
  • Please be careful when consuming alcohol after your session, you may be more sensitive to the effects